Tour de RoKu!

Hei everybody!

It’s my turn after some time to write about our last week and trip to Rovaniemi and Kuusamo. So week started with free day on Monday. Then Tuesday everybody woke up early enough in the morning to go Gym and Fitness centre for gym practise and evening we had ball practise 6 against 6. Wednesday was like usual, had two ball practises, morning mostly serve and reception and evening volleyball with jumps and everything. On Thursday we had again gym practise in the morning and Tuomas was also there after long time, so he promised to do new programs for us that everybody will be in good shape and ready for playoffs. Then Friday was free and we could rest a bit before trip to Rovaniemi. Me, Lapa, Roosa and Mira were visiting Chinese restaurant in Salo. It was first time for me and other girls, except Lapa, she’s an expert already.

This week was also fun and bit different for me because Kristiine from Estonia was practising with us those 3 days, so i could speak a lot of Estonian finally 😀

And suddenly it was Saturday morning 4.30 and almost everybody (except Mira, who slept in) were ready to leave to Rovaniemi. After we arrived to Rovaniemi we had our morning practise and ofc Vanhat won hihapeli and also won hihapeli overall, so everybody can see our winner’s picture in LP Viesti’s Facebook page. HYVä VANHAT <3! And also wanna say thanks to Junnut who fight good every time but like we know.. there can be only one winner! 🙂 Then we had some free time to rest before game so everybody found their place to be and soon it was showtime. Game was pretty hard because WoVo was fighting good to win us but this time the game was 3-2 to us! After showering and eating we packed our things again and sat on the bus to trip to Kuusamo. I have to say that probably I wasnt the only one who was bit scared about our trip because we had quite crazy and fast busdriver who made trip that usually takes almost 3h to 2h. So you just can imagine that happiness and relief when we arrived to Kuusamo. Sunday started with nice walk outside and good breakfast, then fast meeting and soon was time to play.. Kuusamo this time. Game was 3-0 to us but Kuusamo was playing good, so it wasnt easy for us. 5 points then from last week.. not bad! Then after game we packed ourselves together to start trip back to Salo. First by bus to Oulu and then flight to Helsinki. It was my fastest check in and security control because we arrived to airport 25 minutes before our plane should leave, but luckily they waited for us and end of the trip to Salo went smoothly. Today we chose our quaterfinal opponent and it is LP-Vampula. First game is in Salohalli 27.02 on Friday, so we wait to see all of you there!! Nähdään Salohallilla! 🙂 #9 Anu