After long trip PiPi we started the week with lepopäivä and the main idea on Monday was to rest and do something else than volleyball for a day. I have to say that last week went really fast and the concept was practise good to be in best shape to play at weekend Suomen cup games and get place to the final. So on Tuesday we started practising again together. On Wednesday had 2 practises – morning good practise with ball and then hard gym in the evening. On thursday we changed location and moved into Urheliutalo – our ««homecourt«« for weekend. As we know, the hall is much smaller than Salohalli and it took time to get used to it, but we had there 2 practises – on Thursday and Friday with ball – and I can say that after friday the feeling was good and we were ready to play.

So soon it was Saturday morning, which went fast- an hour in gym before game to get power in our muscles and be ready to play good against LiigaPloki. The game was 3-0 to us.

Sunday morning before game we had practise with ball and like usually, every morning practise before game we play hihapeli – ofc ‘vanhad’ (me, Viki, Duda, Kassu, Sini, Rose) won 😀

Then bit rest and soon it was evening and only few minutes left to get started with game, this time it was HPK. Little dance Ð pää, olkapää, peppu, polvet, varpaat – polvet, varpaat and let the game begin. Everybody were really focused and knew that the winner of this game only gets the place in final. So we started good and finished good as well – the game was 3-0 to us and Suomen Cup finalÐ here we come!!!

They say that, ««teamwork makes the dream work««. I can say that I have 11 great teammates and it’s nice to see that we are really come together as a team and having fun also outside of Salohalli and court. So at the end of this week we could say that it was really good week for us and now we just have to continue good work from here!

Also thanks to our fans and other people who are supporting us!! Nice to have you around!

Kiitos kaikille ja nähdään salohallilla!!! 🙂

#11 Anu 😉