If you dont belive me, just watch! ;-)

Its Monday morning and we are coming back from Romaniemi with two victories in pocket. NIce job team…we are one step closer to Final ūüôā So Monday is day for rest and massage and walking outside on fresh air…becouse all ready tomorrow is new game… YES! Our schedule is tight! And is not so eazy to play and travel…but when you have goal in front of you then you only concetrate on that…so you forget everything else.

Tuesday start very good with morning practise, serv and reception and game “ihapeli” like always..and we old girls won juniors…sorry guys maybe next time you will be better luck ūüôā Evening game against WoVo.. Game was hard in some parts, becouse WoVo play good, they won first set, but we found our rhythm and in the end was 3-1 for us! Great thing! With 4 victories we are in Final against Kangasala.

Wednasday was free day in Lp Viesti. Behind us was hard weekend so everybody need to rest body and mind so that we can come fresh in new practise and games what is coming.

Thursday start in gym and fitness center, with our gym program. And evening practise with Tomi and defense! And end with small game, what me and Aino won, so that definitely make my evening better! Becouse I hate losing!

I have one idea during last free day..and that was to challenge myself and rest of the team in “Plank challenge for 30 days”. Rose, Iida, Lapa and Aino accepted so we are now in 5-th day and every day is harder so wish us luck to hold on this ūüėČ

Friday was day of one practise…we did technical exercises, then attack, and then game six on six and in the end medical ball. Good and long stretching and walking home after that.

Our weekend was free from games. Becouse final start in Wednesday. First game is in Salohali against Kangasala time is 18:30. Hope to see you there…come to watch how we will become champions and to enjoy in last games for this season together with us… I cant wait games to start. I am already excited! I think that you are also ūüėČ

Ciao from me

Love you, Duda <3