Hello everyone and welcome to one week of my life in Salo in my team LP VIESTI!

Lets start from first day, Its Monday and it is free 🙂 WUHU.. but it is not so fun, becouse we had two games for weekend in Kuortane,by the way: ««we won both««! And always after game I feel so thired 🙁 So that free day dosent seem so nice, to lazy to do anything, luckily I have a husband here with me and when he is there everithing it«s easier and better. Day passes with relaxing, walking, lunch, in the evening talking with my mom on skype and watching a good movie. Not so bad 🙂

Tuesday starts with Gym. Hello weights. It«s time to make my muscles bigger!!!! How I would love to have muscles, and not just bones. 🙁 It was realy good and hard practice, becouse it was early in the morning, but after the first sweat itÕs going eazy….:) The gym is over. I come home and Zoran still sleeping. That is ok, He is on vacation. When he is awake we go to eat lunch, after that I need to rest, and after litlle rest it is time for second practice. We are going together to practice, he is going to swimming hall, and me to volleyball practice with my team.

Wednesday morning, good morning from Salohali. Lp Viesti have training with the ball, we all attack Rosse, she defends each of the ball like crazy, she is tireless 🙂 I try to be a opposite, first attack in the net, second Nora blocking me, third attack Rosa defending, then finaly I score 🙂 Kari says, ««Bravo Duda «« – I am lost 🙂 It was fun, super practice, maybe not for Rosse, she is dead from defense 🙂

Half past four and it«s time for the gym. Tuomas has arrived, he have a new hairstyle. Warm up, then stretch and then we start. First clean+jerk, then half squat, I’m running out of air, this 60 kg on my back tacking all air from my body, then Micu takes half squat bar, and that makes my head is spinning around from the weight what she put on her back, I cant even watch, really guys, that is one strong girl, all credit to her. After about two hourse practice is over, and I am going home to my husband, so that we can eat together, again watch some movie, see my family and my dog on skype, its so nice that we are together her in Finland.

Thursday, sleep until 11h, no training in the morning, beauty, feels good when it does not ring alarm 🙂 For breakfast drink tea, eat a couple of fruits and chat on fb with friends. Nice morning. Evening training keeps Tomi, there is Anssi, sitting at a table, follow what we do and make the statistics. He must practice also, becouse he is doing that at the game, and I think that he make same mistakes in last games, thatÕs way they put him there, so he can practice also 🙂 Good for him, and for us 🙂 This is last practice in this week, becouse we have free weekend 🙂 WUHU! Everybody is going home, I stay of course, Zoran is here so I donÕt need anything else 🙂 But Anu runing after practice,that was one fast ««CAO«« from her, Micu making her hair and make up, becouse she is also going home, Kassu is not in a hurry as usual 🙂 Everybody have smile on face, becouse they will see they family and friends at home. My face is still red from Tomi«s practice 🙂

And I will tell you little about my free weekend. I use this weekend to rest my body and mind, from volleyball, I was in gym and on running, little swimming and sauna,We did not go anywhere, except in a McDonald«s 🙂 on Saturday, we stayed to watch the second half-time basketball. Vilpas played a dramatic match. Zoran cheers for the guests, and me for Vilpas. Vilpas almoust lost, even they were leading at the half-time more then 12 points, at the end it was 60-60. After the first overtime, Vilpas won with two point difference, really lucky.

That is all from me, Thank you for reading this, it was not easy to write in English, it took me a good two hours for this article, I«m going to sleep, because I can not look at a computer .

See you soon again.

Duda #12