Golden weekend is behind us :)

Season is over beautifuly, it was realy great season and for me one of the best so far. After so much games, and party celebration after victory. I can say that I feel just little thired and exhausted, so I spend my days resting and feeling happy and speaking with my friends and family. Yesterday we have lunch with the team and sauna (of course) 🙂 during that lunch I decide to say everyone my news, what I know from December, but I didnt want to say before we finish season, and that is that me and my boyfriend preparing wedding day, and that I am getting married in 26. May, and after again 1. June. So I will have two weddings, becouse our family live so far away and its not posibile that all people come in one wedding. It was little emotional for me and I think for all others. Until now this was very emotional weekend and I think that feeling will continue until end of the week.

Next days I spend buying some things for my home and for my friends and family some presents. And maybe something little for me 🙂 Today is Friday and we have lunch with all people who supporte and help LP Viesti this year. Food is from Juka Peka and itÕs so nice,and I was so hungry, and just cant wait to start eatingÉ Ilpo have little speak (like always) 🙂 theh me and Kassu very short one and after us Anna also say thank you for all during last season. We eat and speak and laughing and it was great lunch.

Next day its zumba day 🙂 we agree to came in salohali for MikuÕs zumba, she is our instructor and we just trying to follow her, and we are ok, not soo bad 🙂 again we were laughing so much and dancing and sweating, and it was also hard somethimes. There was me, Miku, Kassu, Sini and Sara (zumba supporters) Zumba is over, and its time that MIku do some nice hear for me and also nails, becouse she is so good in that. In I love when she do that for me. ItÕs time for boat, a lot people from our team going. Boat is big, and we get our rooms and we are going to eat, and food is great, dont know wher to start and where to finish eating 🙂 drinks and dessert was also great. After diner its time for prepearing for the party, we go to disco and we were there so long time, and dencing without stoping, and music was first Finish and after English, and It was ok becouse I already know Finish songs. It was nice night and nice morning, me and Kassu go for breakfast. Before lunc we have some meating in conference room, all together, and we have some competition, questins abaut lp viesti and volleyball. We do our best, but not win, but also not last 🙂 we were ok 🙂 but next time better. Now is lunc time, and after that we are soon home. Sunday starts with packing, watching our junior team game, they won game and golden set. And after that is time to say goodbay to our team and time for hugs and kissesÉand a few tears 🙁 it is always sad to say goodbay 🙁 and I donÕt like to do that. Oksana and Tomi invite me, Lena and Anna to lunch, and we have nice rest of day in they house, speaking, eating and playing with Niko. After that is time to finish packing becouse next day is time to goo home.

Monday 15.04. I am ready, everything is ready, I pack my things, see one more time Vappu for coffee, just speak little with her and one more time to hug her it was realy nice, and I was happy and sad at the same time. Tomi come, he help me with my bagsÉand I goÉbye bye Finland, and hello Serbia 🙂 Flights were good, no problems, everything ok, my brother and him girlfriend waiting for me at the airport Belgrade. And at home my dog and rest of my family 🙂

Big kiss for all from my home