16.12.2012. Today is the day for selling Christmas trees and buying chocolate for my family. In the first row came Christmas trees. Me, Sarah and Nora are working today, from 12h to 14h. For two hours we sold six trees, which is not so bad. The work is over now I’m going to buy chocolate for my loved ones. After this was done, I decided to buy pizza. Pizzeria «Rosso«: Please Pizza Roma to go. Thanks. Yummy yummy I love this pizza. The rest of the evening I spend on the Internet, Skype, rest and preparation for the match tomorrow and of course packaging for the house.

17.12.2012 Monday morning and like every morning I am going to breakfast and eat my favorite foods oat meals.Then easy morning practice «iha peli«. We won easy 🙂 after practice we have meeting before game. Reminder of their game. Only with Tomi, and computer. Then lunch in Rikala, and rest in my room. I lie, I watch TV and I’m trying to sleep. Today’s TV appearances and I have to be there early because I have an interview before. Interview was interesting, she asked me all kinds of questions. As usual, my English was not so good, but I hope that they all understand me. We won 3-0!! So we successfully completed the first part of the season, the first in competition, as finalists of the Finish Cup and participants European Cup Challenger.

18.12.2012 It’s Tuesday morning and I am prepering for trip. I’m going home. First stop was Munich,then Belgrade, and my house in a little village called Pilica. My brother Dusan was waiting for me at the airport. Flight is not delayed. And at the Munich airport, I met Marina Skender with her boyfriend and she’s going home also. So we talked a little, and my time has passed faster. I arrived home around 3 hours. Snow is falling, everything is white. Now I share the chocolates and gifts. They all missing me, but most off all my dog, american buldog name is De Niro. He donÕt know what to do when he sow me. Rest of the evening I spend with my family in my home. Prepering everything for tomorrow, becouse tomorrow is our family day celbration St. Nikolas day, and we will have a lot of family, relatives and frinds comeing for lunch and dinner.

Today is 19 december, St. Nikolas day. Came godfather, he breaks the celebration cake, serve the food, soup first, then sarma (the national dish), then fish and beans, and in the end cakes. All talk, eat, drink, and I serve, wash dishes and talk with guests when I get there. The next day is the same way, as the celebration lasts for two days, only our guests today are neighbors, Dusan and my friends, young people. The celebration’s been great. Now is the time for cleaning, removing tables and chairs and dishes.

20.12.2012 Today I can finally go to the gym and do the training. After coming home, my brother takes the car, going to see his girlfriend and I stay home with my mom, dad and De Niro. During the night’s best friend called me to ask if she could sleep with me because it comes from the road. I waited awake, we talked until late and sleeping together, it was great because I was missing her and I have not seen since July.

22.12.2012 Breakfast together in the morning and drink coffee and talk. When she left, I get ready becouse I have a lot of obligations today. First, go to the dentist. After that, I return home, my mom waiting for me because we’re going to the cemetery. Mom returns home and I go to the hairdresser. Time for a haircut and blow dry. Becouse is Saturday I have a deal with a best friend to go to out, of the tambourine in a new place in Bijeljina. It was a great night. We listen music and talk a lot.

23.12.2012 Sunday morning and all day was terrible becouse I am sick. I have big temperature, my mom try to remove temperature all day fith alcohol and medicine, but nothing donÕt help, so in the night we must go the see doctor, becouse I feel very bad, doctor give me injection and antibiotics.

24.12.2012 Monday morning and I can say that I feel better, all day I am in pajamas, still thired and weak, but better? See you soon, be good and helthy, and Merry Christmas to all!