Bye bye November

Hello to all nice people who are following our LP VIESTI team, and welcome to last week in November. This month was very interesting for our team, a lot games, so it was not different in this week also. After our successful trip to North, from where we come back with 6 points, we have one day free, what we use for rest and recover and little walking on fresh air and some MCDONALD’S food 🙂

Tuesday morning start with Gym and Fitness and small workout for all body, and in the evening volleyball practise and after meeting preparation for next game against HPK. Next day was the game. It was really interesting, and fun to play, becouse we didn’t play against HPK so long time, since our tournament. We won 3-1!!!! One yellow card and big win for our team in the end 🙂

Then again free day, which I spend with my husband, he is here, and is so nice that we can be together. Friday again start with workout in Gym and Fitness centre, and then evening with volleyball practise and meeting after, becouse we have one more game next day and it’s against ORPO. Game was away, but we were not alone, becouse we have our fans there also. A lot noise in hall, a lot drums, and some great points and it was 3-1 for us in the end! Yeeeeesssss!!! And that means that November is officially done, and that we can relax just for little and have some rest before important games in December come 🙂

Sunday was also very interesting day. Me and Zoran went to watch LP VIESTI second team game, where my teammates play, and after that we have some fun in Market Square, selling lottery tickets, LP VIESTI calendar’s, and some other stuff…and in the end we eat some makkara with sinappi and it was really good 🙂

Thank you all, and see you soon in Salohali 🙂

#12 Duda