1300 people in SaloHali, first point in Champions League!! Bravo for Salo!

Hello everyone… I hope you have nice weekend and that you enjoyed in in our games in past week what we play in SaloHali. Let me tell you little more about last week in LP VIESTI team.

Monday morning start with gym in SaloHali, with new program what we get from Tuomas. Everybody was feeling good, a lot of our girsl was visited they home in the weekend, because it was free weekend, and perfect time to go and see their family… So in Monday we are all back in Salo and ready to come in perfect shape and be ready for first Champions League game in SaloHali. In the evening we have ball practise, usual Monday, come back to touch with the ball. Little jumps, little serv in the end. Just good feeling.

Tuesday morning was free, so I use that to sleep little longer, and then go for walk, about half hour outside with Zoran. And then evening was short but very intense ball practise. Roose and Mira was doing our warming-up, and I can tell you that it was really good, and that everybody was ready for hard practise. I must also tell you, that in the beginning of practise we heard poem from Aino! That was so good, and all poem was on English language, so I finally understand from beginning until the end. Thank you Aino 🙂

Wednesday start with short gym program in Gym and Fitness, and evening with ball practise, about one hour and half, where we make six on six exercise, and after that serv and reception. And then we have meeting about SC DRESDNER. We watch they game, and learn about they players. So that we know what we can expect on the game next day, and that we are ready for them.

Game day!!!! Morning start bad! We lost ”ihapelli” (I hope you know what I mean). And this is third in a row what we lost! That is to much. And I think is enough. I cant run anymore!!! 🙂

About evening in SaloHali… what can I say, expect that it was amazing. 1300 people, crazy game, great game, because we take our first point in Champions League. We play good, like team, fighithing for every ball, we didnÕt given up until the end. I think we show that we deserve the place in Champions League, and we show how we can play. But I think that this is only beginning, because it will be even better in future. So donÕt miss it. And I know that you all enjoyed 🙂

Friday free day, recovery day from hard game against Dresdner. Saturday one practise and meeting because we have home game in Sunday against Kangasala. Everybody are little empty, and thired, from all emotions in Thursday. But we must continue. So we have good practise, and we are ready again to play the best what we can.

Sunday morning very important thing happened, we won ”ihapeli”!! YEEESSS!!! We are back on track 🙂 And evening we won Kangasala 3-1. It was like this: good game, then our mistakes, then little mess, and then we are back, and then we won! 🙂 Week is over! I think quite successfully 🙂

Monday 1. December: I would like to congratulate Kassu for the best player of month November 🙂 BRAVO KASSU!!! And also Anu, Viki, and Roose 🙂 they are in best seven month November!!! BRAVO GIRLS!!!