Simple week from our life.

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Hi, everybody!

I will tell not much about our week in team, it was not many free week from games - only one.... recently it is a rarity in our schedule. But about everything one after another. Monday was the day off, we had a rest and the campaign to the photographer for a photo on the visa was the only important event.

And here Tuesday, began day early at 8.30 we already were in fitness centre-it there was an involving 1,5 hour training. In the evening we had not a big meeting, between girls (and we have small secrets ;-)), and then training with a ball. At the beginning we congratulated Venla on her birthday and the Duda read us the poem is there was a remarkable beginning of training. And after practice it some celebration and sweet.

On Wednesday at 10.00 the following meeting in a hall, new day and new preparation. It was training of giving and reception, and working off of protective actions. In the evening Thomas came to the next training on physics, with his motto ''put more waigtht'' - good and not many heavy training...

On Thursday we had a small rest, I walked around the city and not a lot of shopping - is necessary on prepares for Christmas holidays a few ;-), still I had a small interview to Flink- it was a little surprize and also pleasantly for me.

Here Friday, new working day - and again, early training in fitness center, it was pregame training, is one speed more to bring the muscles into a good tone before game. In the evening we worked with structure and of course palaveri that will get acquainted closer with the rival not much.

Here and Saturday, game day - morning early training before game, we again won in hihapelli, I love my team ''one heart'' :-). At 15.00 game against Kuortane, a young team but nevertheless with ambitions, and as always despite that what rival before game you have to be ready to game, and we were. It was pleasant to play, realizing that despite the Independence Day all of you came to support us!

On Sunday, we had a training not to forget ball sense, after all in couple of days at us responsible game and day off unfortunately, it isn't permissible. And evening, I spent at home, communicating with a family, the husband and friends......

On postdock I want to tell...... Thanks for your support also we will meet on Tuesday in a hall, Champions League -Dinamo..... we look forward this game........ And we need your support

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Simple week from our life.
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Hi, everybody!
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